About The Cave

We are a small virtual private server hosting provider.

Built for

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Dedicated Clients
  • Not Oversold

In an ever increasing threat of being hacked, DDos,scrapped,,, we are always on top of latest security threats. All software is updated to the max. Among many other safeguards in place, virtual private servers are harder forĀ  h/attackers to spot us.

McNerd.me is a small network on “top of the line” drives. We keep our severs at about 65% full leaving clients the freedom to expand without interrupting others. Speed of a website comes from a lot of aspects. Keeping our backend clean and actively blocking unnecessary bots starts with us. Eventually, speed will roll downhill to site owner/s. Most site owners have speed problems from high resolution images not being optimized for the net. AskUs

As our pricing reflects our servers come with large overhead. Coupled with our wiliness to help clients make their site successful and the time it takes from our schedule is huge. We don’t expect clients to match our work hours. However, if you are not dedicated to your own project soon neither are we.
To make money online its investment is spent by time or money and sometimes both. Structuring a website takes a lot of forethought before here. You need fresh code, solid foundation, upgrade/expansion and code longevity.

If that sounds like a good fit, get in touch! questions